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Tom Valcke

Can Flag

Hitting and Defensive Coach

Having recently returned back to the Americas from a two-year stint in Asia, joining the Entourage Athletics
team of instructors becomes the next chapter of Coach Valcke's distinguished 33-year full-time career in
baseball. His much-anticipated return follows an unprecedented year of success as Head coach of Hong
Kong's Olympic men's baseball team, culminated by a masterful year in Zhongshan, China, where he
evaluated & trained the coaches & year-round programs of China's men's & women's national teams, both
baseball & softball, while serving as the Executive Director of Panda Sport & Culture.
While Coach Valcke's coaching experience includes everything from Team Canada to his six national
championships with the Windsor Chiefs, what gives him the edge in the Entourage approach his his decade
working for the Commissioner's Office of Major League Baseball as a Scouting Supervisor in both the USA &
Canada, as well as serving as an Instructor at the only scout school in the world, the annual MLB Scout
Development Program.
“To be a successful scout or coach in the identification, analysis, correction, and projection of a ballplayer, you
need a polished spyglass approach, like looking at a player through a rolled up piece of paper, proven over
years of honing the ability to zoom-in on specific body parts and their synchronization with the player's
mechanics, while not being distracted by the surrounding environment,” says Coach Valcke, who evaluated
players such as MVPs Larry Walker, Justin Morneau, Joey Votto, and Cy Young winner Éric Gagné, before
they became superstars.
Coach Valcke has been doing video assessments of players for 30 years now, has also taught baseball in
more than 25 different countries, was the GM of the Triple-A Calgary Cannons, Executive Director of Baseball
Canada, President/CEO of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, broadcaster for the Montreal Expos, scout
for the Toronto Blue Jays, baseball analyst for CBC Canada Radio/TV, an NCCP Master Course Conductor,
and has long-served as the Head Coach of the World Children's Baseball Fair.
"Safety, participation, development, reps, and having fun never get trumped on my watch,” adds Coach
Valcke. My on-field mission as a coach is to maximize time & space, be it outdoors or indoors, doing
everything possible regarding both the enhancement of the individual players' individual skill sets, and the
tactical precision of the team as a collective, preparing ourselves to win the one-run ballgame.".

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