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Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Member


How do I purchase a membership?


Step 1: Select your Sport

We are currently offering Baseball and Softball with other sports being offered soon.


Step 2: Select your Coach

View profiles of all coaches available in the sport you have selected.


Step 3: Select your Plan

Click on a Plan and you will be taken to the membership purchase page where you can select what plan term you want (Monthly, 6-Month or Annual). Complete the checkout process and you will be added as a member automatically and have access to the Entourage Mobile Application. Look out for a Welcome Email with further instructions on setting up your account.


How do I know which coach is best suited for me?


We recommend you read about the coaches in their profiles and select one that you believe will be the best fit for you. If you are not sure, feel free to contact us using the chat feature and we will try to help you select the right coach.


What do I get with a Pro membership?

  • Full access to all features of the Entourage mobile application

  • Full license to “Coach’s Eye+Teams” and your personal locker

  • Weekly Video Analysis by your personal coach

  • Initial Assessment by your personal coach at the start of your membership (One-time registration fee of $50)

  • Customized, scheduled skill-specific training programs and strength and conditioning programs

  • Access to library of all drills and exercises with explanatory videos or 3D animated demonstrations

  • Progress Tracking by your Coach

  • Ability to book additional one-on-one lessons with your coach over Zoom ($50 /30 min session)

  • Ability to join pay as you go Workshops over Zoom


What do I get with a Pro+ membership?

  • Full access to all features of the Entourage mobile application

  • Full license to “Coach’s Eye+Teams” and your personal locker

  • Bi-Weekly 30-min private sessions with your personal coach over Zoom

  • Bi-Weekly Video Analysis by your personal coach

  • Customized, scheduled skill-specific training programs and strength and conditioning programs

  • Access to library of all drills and exercises with explanatory videos or 3D animated demonstrations

  • Progress Tracking by your Coach

  • Ability to book additional one-on-one lessons with your coach over Zoom ($50 /30 min session)

  • Ability to join pay as you go Workshops over Zoom



What Apps do I need to Download on my device?


To benefit from all of the features of an Entourage Athletics Membership, you will need to download the Entourage App, Coach’s Eye and Zoom.


Entourage App

Coach's Eye+Teams App





Entourage App

Coach's Eye App


How do I configure Coach’s Eye

After you have signed up for a membership your Coach’s Eye account will be created within 24 hours and you will receive an email with a link to activate your license by joining your Personal Locker.


Steps to follow:

  1. Click the link provided in the email

  2. Click “Create Account”

  3. Enter an email address and select a password

  4. Enter your First and Last Name

  5. You will now have access to your personal locker

  6. Click on “Video” in the Entourage App and it will launch the Coach’s Eye Application. You will need to enter your login information the first time you log in.


How do I Complete My Entourage Profile

Once you have created your membership, you will be able to log into the Entourage Mobile App. The App will ask you a few questions to get you started and once that is complete, you can click on the “Me” button at the bottom left of the screen. You Can then get to your profile by clicking on your name at the top of the screen. From there you can select your avatar or add a profile picture and edit your personal info.



Getting Started

Getting to Know the Entourage App

We recommend you view this tutorial video which will give you an overview of the Entourage App


How to Book Initial Assessment /First Appointment

One of the first things you will do when your account is created is book your first meeting with your coach.


To do this, tap the “BOOK” icon and you will be taken to the availability calendar. You can filter by instructor and select a suitable time slot for your session. Click “Join” and you will be booked into that session. Once you join, a Zoom link will become accessible for you to access the session. The session will now appear in your “PLAN” calendar, so you will be able to click on it and access this Zoom link when it’s time for your session.


Preparing for your Initial Assessment


Click the “Video” icon to launch Coach’s Eye. Record a video of yourself taking a swing, making a pitch, or catching (depending on the particular coach you are working) and add to your shared locker. Your coach will review your video with you during your meeting.


How do I join the Meeting?


At the time of your scheduled meeting, click “PLAN” and click on your appointment. You will see a Zoom Link which will launch the Zoom App installed on your device and take you to your Coach’s Personal Meeting Room.


What should I expect during my Initial Assessment?


After a quick introduction, you and your coach will discuss your goals, expectations and equipment you have available. Your coach will give you a brief overview of the different mobile applications and answer any questions you might have about the process. You will go through an analysis of the video you previously added to your locker and you might have time for a few reps. The information that collected from this initial meeting will allow for your coach to build an appropriate training program which will be added to your calendar.


What should I expect for other one-on-one sessions?

This all depends on the goals and expectations discussed during your Initial Assessment. You can use these sessions to practice drills with live supervision, go over video analysis, discuss progress or changes to your training program.


Can I book additional one-on-one sessions?


As a Pro or Pro+ Member you are always able to book additional sessions. You must purchase credits to be used towards additional 30-minute sessions through the “Add-on” Icon


Is there possibility of 1-hour sessions?

This can be accomplished by booking back to back 30-minute sessions.



Video Analysis


How do I Record Video Files and Add to Shared Locker

Tap on “Video” to launch the Coach’s Eye App. Hit the Record button, record your video, stop recording and select “Add to Locker” then select the Shared Locker.


How to View Video Analysis Files

Tap of “Video” to launch the Coach’s Eye App. Click on the video file marked “analysis” that you would like to view and then click the “Play” button.


What should I Record? When should I add to my Shared Locker?


For your Initial Assessment you should record the skill you will be working on with your coach.


  • If you are working with a hitting specialist, record a video of a few swings off a tee from the open side and a few swings from the home plate umpire’s position.


  • If you are working with a pitching specialist, record a video of a few pitching motions from the open side and a pitching motions from the catcher’s position.


  • If you are working with a catching specialist, record a video of receiving transferring and throwing to second base from a 45 degree open side view.


You should add the video to your locker at least 24 hours before your meetings and for video anlaysis based on the scedhule discussed with your coach.


Can I share my videos outside of my Shared Locker?


You can save videos in your locker to your device’s camera roll, text email or share via social media at your option. 


Can I purchase additional video analysis?


Currently it is not possible to purchase additional Video Analyses. Pro Members are limited to 4 per month and Pro+ Members are limited to 2 per month.


Training Programs and WORKOUTS

When will I receive my personalized training program?

You should receive your personalized training program on your Entourage App within 24 hours, however, depending on your coach’s schedule it may take a little longer. It is our policy that your training program is added to your schedule within a maximum of 48 hours from the conclusion of your Initial Assessment.


How do I use the App to do my workouts?


Tap on “Plan”, select the workout your are scheduled to complete and click the “Play” Icon when you are ready to begin. Follow the demonstration or explanatory video and complete the reps. When you have concluded your set click the check mark, and you will be guided with the next step. (Please note you do not need to click the check mark for any timed reps) At the end of your workout, you will get a congratulatory message and you can even share achievements. All your reps will be counted for and your coach will be able to keep you accountable.


Can I change the days of workouts?


Yes. From the calendar, tap on  the workout you want to move Tap on the 3-dots at the top right then tap on “Select Activities”. By default, all activities will be selected for that workout and you can tap on “Move”, which will bring up the calendar and you can select the date you want to move it to.


How does my coach know if I have completed an activity?

Every time you click the check mark after completed your set (or a timed set elapses) your activity is marked completed and your coach will see that status.


Can I do workouts that are not assigned by my coach?

Yes, but we strongly encourage you to discuss extra work with your coach. Additional activities are available to you through the GRIND Icon.


Can I skip videos if I know the drill already?


Not exactly. There are not controls for the videos but you can either mute your device if you don’t want to hear it during your set or you can hit the pause button, do your reps, tap the “play” button then tap the check mark to move to the next step.


Memberships & Coaches

Is it possible to switch memberships between Pro and Pro+?


It is possible to upgrade or Downgrade between Pro and Pro+  memberships at any time during your commitment period. Changes will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle.


What if I don’t use my credits for one-on-one sessions or video analysis in a given month?

Credits do not roll-over to the next month. We strongly encourage all athletes to utilize their credits to maximize the benefits of interacting with their personal coach so they receive the best guidance and supervision.


Can I change coaches?

You can always change coaches, however, you will need to conduct a new initial assessment with the new coach.


What if I want to work with an additional coach, is that whole second membership?


We call that “Doubling Up” and that second coach will not require a full cost membership. You will receive a 25% discount on each additional Pro or Pro+ membership you subscribe to. You can Double-UP by tapping the "Add-on" Icon and selecting a Double-Up plan. 


Can I do a Pro Membership with one coach and a Pro+ Membership with another coach?




Are Membership costs different for different coaches?


All Baseball and Softball memberships are priced the same across all coaches, however depending on the location the coach operates from the membership prices will be quoted in either US Dollars or Canadian Dollars.


Why are some memberships in US Dollars and some in Canadian Dollars?

This depends on the location the coach operates from. If your coach were to be giving you a lesson in his or her location, that is the currecny you would be paying in.


Becoming a Member
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