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Brandon Wulff

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AaML Coach (LA Dodgers - Outfielder)

Hey everyone! My name is Brandon Wulff, I’m an outfielder in the Dodgers organization, and I’ll get you bigger, faster, and stronger.

I graduated from Stanford University after playing there for four years. I was definitely known at Stanford for hitting home runs, finishing 9th on Stanford’s single season homerun list with 19 home runs in my senior season. When it comes to power and strength that is where I believe that I excel and can help you too. While I don’t have any strength coach certifications, I have spent the last 8 years going from a 185-pound high schooler on JV to a 240-pound minor league baseball player. In that time I dropped my 60 yard time from 7.4 seconds to 6.7 seconds and currently bench 325, squat 465, and deadlift 565. I never thought that gaining weight and getting faster was possible until I started actually lifting and getting smart with my training. I used to go into the gym every day and max out on whatever I was doing, but with my programming your strength progression is carefully thought out.

While you may not want to be 240 pounds, I can assure you that I will help you get to your individual strength and size goals. My programming is based off what you have access to at your local gym, but all of your program will be based off access to squat, deadlift, and bench. Don’t worry if you’ve never done any of these (it’s probably better if you haven’t) because I will teach you to do them all.

While my specialty is in Baseball, my strength and speed program is altered to fit your specific sport. For example, a basketball player will likely have less rotational work than a baseball player and a baseball player wouldn’t be as focused on their vertical as a basketball player. You get the idea.

My program is not for the unmotivated. This will be difficult, and it will take a real dedication to the process. I only work with kids age 13+. Workouts will be 4 times a week.

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